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Pulp & Paper

Rebuilding pulp and paper gearboxes since 1965.

Pulp Mill
Pulp Mill

The Challenge

Pulp and Paper has been a longstanding industry in Canada and many of the mills are many decades old. Due to the age of some of the mills a number of the gearboxes in service were manufactured by companies who no longer exist, so replacements are not readily available.
Paper Mill Machine

Service & Repairs

These older gearboxes are very robust units and are in many ways better than new style gearboxes when considering the lubrication systems and heat dissipation due to larger and heavier housings compared to current modern designs. These original gearboxes have lasted for many years and are excellent candidates for repair. In most cases the life of these gearboxes can be extended for several years.

Foote Jones Speed Increaser

Foote Jones Speed Increaser

This Foote Jones speed increaser required all new gearing, precision balancing and careful set-up of the new babbitt bearings during the course of the rebuild in order to be put back into service at a pulp mill in BC.

Our Proven 4 Step Process

Our Proven 4 Step Process

Learn and understand historical transmission performance, hours, failure modes, etc.
Review planned maintenance intervals for transmission such as PDM methods, availability, etc.
Recommend a complimenting part inventory of long lead items for quick turnaround.
Finally, we'll initiate a repair and return program once the first rebuild is complete.
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