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We service mining operations by repairing and rebuilding gearboxes for a range of products.

Crusher Apron Feeder Drive
Crusher Apron Feeder Drive

Our Experience

Since rebuilding P&H 2800 transmissions at British Columbia’s premier copper mines, we've expanded to support many mining machinery rebuilds at Western Canada’s largest coal and oilsand operations.
CAT 7495 HF

Rope Shovels

  • CAT 7495 swing, propel and hoist transmissions
  • P&H 2800 & 4100 swing, propel and hoist transmissions
  • Crowd gearboxes, shafts, pinions and racks
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CAT 6060

Hydraulic Shovels

  • Swing transmissions, final drives and pump drives
  • Hitachi EX3500+, EX5500+, EX8000+
  • Komatsu PC3000, PC5500, PC8000
  • CAT 6030, 6040, 6050, 6060
  • Terex O&K RH120, RH170, RH200, RH340, RH400
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Flender Conveyor Drive

Material Handling

We have performed extensive work on the various gearboxes supporting material handling on mine sites. Whether the gearbox is for conveying, slurry handling or bulk material handling, we have the experience to improve reliability through our rebuild process.

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Rock Drill

Hard Rock Drills

United Gear’s mining beginnings included gearbox rebuilds on P&H and CAT hard rock drills. Whether propel, pump drive, rotary, or pulldown we have accumulated the experience to rebuild the key transmissions on P&H 120/320 and BE 49/CAT MD6640 series drills.

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Our Proven 4 Step Process

Our Proven 4 Step Process

Learn and understand historical transmission performance, hours, failure modes, etc.
Review planned maintenance intervals for transmission such as PDM methods, availability, etc.
Recommend a complimenting part inventory of long lead items for quick turnaround.
Finally, we'll initiate a repair and return program once the first rebuild is complete​.
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