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We have extensive experience with gearboxes for equipment across various industries.

CAT 7495 Swing Transmission
CAT 7495 Swing Transmission

Mining Products

We specialize in mining gearbox repairs for the following products:
CAT 7495 Mining Shovel
Rope Shovels
We are a key Canadian supplier of rebuilds and gearing for CAT and P&H rope shovels.
CAT 6060
Hydraulic Shovels
We rebuild pump drives, swing transmission and final drives for large hydraulic shovels.
Material Handling
Material Handling
We have experience in gearbox rebuilds whether it's for conveying, slurry or bulk material handling.​​
Rock Drill
Hard Rock Drills
We have the experience to rebuild transmissions on P&H 120/320 & BE 49/CAT MD6640 drills.